Effective sharing of documents, information and media with your customers doesn’t have to be difficult! Previously, support teams have had to rely on one of several outdated methods, including:

  • Email. Any attachments over 1MB risks clogging you or your customers’ email system and/or being returned for being oversized. This is especially true if your customers are in remote locations or countries where the IT infrastructure is still developing.
  • Website. Help desk agents, frequently supporting a global client base on a 24-7 schedule, cannot wait for your IT team or graphic designers to upload to your corporate website. Certain support documents also may be on a “per request” basis or specified for a specific customer. Support materials need to be available for the customer immediately and easily customizable, without relying on your IT, graphics and/or marketing teams.
  • FTP. Most customers, even those who are tech-savvy, may not be familiar with FTP or have an FTP client. Most likely, it will require extra effort from your customers to access your information.