Many of today’s best performing companies manage and exceed their customers’ expectations by defining, measuring and adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Regardless of whether an SLA might be simple or complicated, FocalScope has designed the ability to incorporate your SLA requirements into its email and collaboration management systems.

SLAs are typically dependent on time references.  For example, a company may commit to reply to a service ticket within 48 hours of receipt of email.  Or, alternatively, the SLA might promise a reply within 48 business hours.  Naturally, these two commitments, though similar in appearance, require vastly different time calculations. FocalScope has the built-in capability to set office hours for one or more helpdesk ticketboxes, also factoring in any number of pre-scheduled company events, holidays and time-zones.  By attributing SLAs to a ticketbox, FocalScope is able to customize your calculations no matter how complicated your working hours are.