Anders Ullerup
Project Manager of DHL Express
FocalScope is as easy to use as Outlook. Our entire team could do their daily email with minimal training.
Esben Aabenhus
Customer Service Manager of WhiteAway
Our sales people engage directly with customers using live chat, which has raised our conversion rate and improved customer relations.
Frederik Friche
Attorney, Nemadvokat.dk
With FocalScope, we have seen that we can provide faster response times to our customers, have better overview of the system, and can create synergy between our departments.
Britta Jørgensen
Customer Service Chief of Aller Media
We now have statistics for all customer/agent interactions, and can create virtual teams to handle spikes in customer queries.
Rolf Larsen
IT Chief of Radisson Blue
FocalScope is made for our industry! Our room reservation department now saves a lot of time thanks to the improved efficiency.
Søren Kokholm
IT Manager of Belevue Box
FocalScope helped us organize our office email to perfection. At any time, we know exactly who is doing what in the system.
Email Ticketing
Live Chat
Performance Measurement
Easy Accessibility
Effortless Integration

Deliver Better Customer Support
Allow your team to collaborate, share responsibility, and keep track of email tickets with group and personal inboxes. Assign tickets to agents or let the system automatically select the next available agent, based on agent skillset and workload. Categorize emails and respond faster for better customer support. Easily turn email tickets into tasks and calendar events.

Configure remote access folders to allow your company branches to access shared email tickets. Use internal notes to attach additional information directly to tickets. Stand in for out-of-action agents or designate an available agent to cover their post. Supervise new agents until they can handle customers independently.
Enhance Customer Experience with Live Chat
Provide live chat support to online customers. Save time by resolving queries and issues immediately. Transfer a chat conversation to a subject-matter expert by inviting them to interact with customers directly, or to provide an expert answer to the mediating agent. Get faster communication and smoother collaboration across countries and time zones.

The system automatically records all ticket-related chats for future reference. Work stress-free knowing you have perfect recordings of all interactions. Tag a live chat to any email ticket correspondence. Select from professionally designed live chat templates or build your own. Communicate with customers in their preferred language using multilingual live chat support.
Flexible Analytics and
Statistical Reporting
to Monitor Performance
Use the reporting tools to gain valuable
insight into your team's performance
Spot potential shortcomings and favorable trends in advance; measure team and individual performance. Identify unresolved customer issues at a glance. Generate statistical reports for deeper insight and accurate analysis. Provide managers with statistics and performance figures so they can manage and redeploy human resources efficiently.

Define KPIs with FocalScope's easy-to-use dashboard and gain valuable insight into the team's real-time performance. Stream data to independent Business Intelligence tools and get a bird's eye view of the internal support and communications processes of your entire company.
Mac, PC, and Mobile
Devices Supported
Access your FocalScope instance with any web browser that runs on your PC or Mac. Enjoy freedom from the office when using FocalScope's mobile client, without losing touch with, or sacrificing oversight of office matters (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry supported).

Stay connected to your inbox and synchronize ticketboxes, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and agent folders for easy offline access to your data. Delegate tasks to staff while on the move, and get instant notification regarding urgent matters and the latest office developments.
Real-time Integration with
Your Ecosystem
Integrate with existing AD/LDAP environments to maintain centralized security and single sign-on. Synchronize user accounts and contacts for a smooth migration from your current system. Shorten system population time by importing existing LDAP user accounts into FocalScope. Run your entire call center from within FocalScope with out-of-the-box Telephony integration.

Utilize FocalScope's API and easily exchange data with third party systems, such as Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning software. Share FocalScope data (e.g. email ticket/live chat history) with your other business software tools for deeper analysis, and get profound insight into your support and communications processes.
Fast and Flexible Deployment
Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions offer you maximum flexibility. FocalScope employs Microsoft SQL as its back-end for greater stability, optimal performance, and superior scalability. FocalScope works with all popular POP3/SMTP email servers such as Lotus notes, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail...

FocalScope's centralized deployment ensures that no software installation is necessary on endpoint machines, and only the main server needs to be updated and maintained (self-hosted option). Get up and running in mere minutes with our cloud based offering and never worry about maintenance, upgrades or support.

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